Full time nutritional therapist and coach to help workers from Deliveroo, BJP and London Borough of Tower Hamlets improve wellbeing.


Republic, the next-gen mixed-use campus in London’s Docklands developed by Trilogy Real Estate, has announced the appointment of a Wellness Director, first of its kind in the UK. Qualified nutritional therapist, trainer and education expert Nikkola Daniel will be based at the estate, and together with her team will provide one-on-one personal training sessions with occupants, group classes and courses such as yoga, HIIT training classes as well as advisory services to new and existing tenants who wish to increase the health, wellbeing and productivity of their staff.  

The appointment will see Nikkola work right across the entire 600,000 sq ft affordable workplace campus, which counts Deliveroo, Trampery and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets among its tenants.

The developer behind Republic, Trilogy Real Estate’s Robert Wolstenholme, said:

“Wellness is here to stay, and while there’s a certain amount of activity that can be designed in, eventually it’s about creating the right culture, collective mindset and personal motivation. We are creating a community for people whose values, interests and mindset are outside of the mainstream and will be at the leading edge of innovation. This goes beyond the buildings and the spaces they occupy but should more importantly be providing experiences that will enrich the time they spend at work. It's about people, ideas, hard work, fun and of course wellbeing. Nikkola’s appointment means we hope to be at the forefront of wellness in the UK, and to be able to offer our tenants at Republic and their employees an incredible knowledge and health resource. We’re delighted to welcome Nikkola to the team and look forward to seeing the benefits right across Republic.”

Nikkola Daniel said:

“Creative environments allow people to enjoy work, finding the balance that’s right for them, and that makes them more productive. In my twenty years in the industry I’ve found employee wellbeing is a benefit to businesses both large and small. What is very often missing though is turning the concept of wellbeing into action.  I’m looking forward to engaging directly with Republic’s tenants and occupants to embed wellness into the ethos and aesthetics of the physical, cultural, social and emotional working environment, creating balance and establishing a programme that’s accessible, effective and engaging, that gets people moving and mindful.”

The programme kicks off with a week’s free taster wellness activities on the estate on 7 August, focusing on common issues around desk-related work.

‘BE WELL’ REPUBLIC will see:

-          Posture focused yoga, body realignment sessions

-          Lunch and post-work outdoor body conditioning and core sculpting HIIT classes

-          Mindful movement Tai Chi to calm the mind and improve memory and focus

-          Personal training sessions

-          Nutritional therapy smoothie workshops

-          Meditation and mindfulness sessions including guided loving kindness and sound baths

The ongoing programme will include an onsite healthy snack service, holistic clinic, staff wellness days and weekends, a series of talks from wellness experts, a nutritional programme and consultation with existing and new tenants. Nikkola and her team will be based at Trampery at Republic, and will work right across the estate.

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